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Asprey Starboard Cocktail Shaker Costs Almost Nine Grand

by Joseph
Asprey Starboard Cocktail Shaker

Asprey Starboard Cocktail Shaker

If you’re looking for a home bar accessory that costs as much as your entire home bar, the people at Asprey have you covered. It’s the Asprey Starboard Cocktail Shaker, an extremely handsomely mounted cocktail shaker that will make every drink you make in it taste vaguely of money.

Crafted from sterling silver and green glass, the Asprey Starboard Cocktail Shaker’s most expensive feature is its Asprey hallmark, which gives it the touch of class that whatever meager, less-than-four-figures cocktail shaker you’re currently using just doesn’t have. And hopefully it won’t, you know, break or whatever.

The Asprey Starboard Cocktail Shaker costs $8,800 at the Asprey online store, so if you’ve got that much to spare on a cocktail shaker, first congratulate yourself on your fiscally successful life, then head over to Asprey here to buy. You can also just press your hand against your monitor and wistfully sigh, which doesn’t cost you anything at all.

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