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ASOS Releases Interactive ‘Colour Control’ Ad (Video)

by Joseph
ASOS Colour Control

ASOS Colour Control

I guess the new trend in advertising is interactivity. There was the interactive The Other Side ad from Honda a couple days ago, and now online retailer ASOS has released Colour Control, a similarly interactive commercial that lets the viewer choose between five different color options for the video’s set design and costumes.

Colour Control was directed by film-making pair Pensacola and features “The Heat” by JUCE! for the soundtrack, but the most memorable feature is undoubtedly those titular color controls. It’s not quite as impressive as Honda‘s The Other Side, but ASOS’ entry into the next generation of the “interactive advertising” genre is pretty cool anyway.

You can watch (and control) ASOS’ Colour Control ad for yourself below. And you can buy the pieces in the video (minus the color-change option, but maybe that technology will exist in clothes someday) at the ASOS online store here.

Here’s the video:

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