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‘Ask Me Anything’ Hardcover Book From Reddit

by Joseph
Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

Everyone thinks that the internet will eventually kill traditional publishing, but that may not be entirely true until successful websites stop being seduced by the appeal of handsome printed volumes. The latest is Ask Me Anything, a printed compendium of some of Reddit‘s most iconic AMA interviews.

Ask Me Anything is a generous 400-page sampling of AMAs featuring everyone from President Barack Obama to Madonna, and a whole bunch of other famous figures in between. And it’s designated as a first volume, so you can expect even more AMAs to be published in display-worthy volumes in the future.

You can get your copy of Ask Me Anything volume 1 at Amazon right here, where it’s priced at just under $35, or, for the Kindle version, a much cheaper $4.99 (probably because all the material inside is available for free online anyway). And it’s probably a lot easier to read than Reddit usually is.

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