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Asahi Clear Caffè Latte Now Available in Japan

by Joseph
Asahi Clear Caffè Latte

Asahi Clear Caffè Latte

The nation of Japan continues to innovate in the world of mass-produced beverages, this time with a drink that combines to universally beloved concepts: Caffè latte and Crystal Pepsi. It’s Asahi Clear Caffè Latte, and it’s as clear as Tom Cruise, with no caffeine and no fat.

The Asahi Clear Caffè Latte is billed as “clear espresso and milk,” and falls into the trend of unusually transparent beverages that happens to be, much like Tom Waits, big in Japan. The drink is reportedly made with “espresso extract, whey minerals from raw milk and pure water,” but to get more than that you’ll probably have to try it yourself.

Until the clear drink trend takes off in North America, beverages like the Asahi Clear Caffè Latte will probably remain restricted to Japan without any wider release. But who knows? Maybe this or something like it will turn up at a Starbucks near you sometime in the near future.

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