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Artist Photographs Plants in Space (Pics)

by Joseph

Space used to be called “the final frontier,” but it’s beginning to seem mighty familiar to a lot of Earthling artists and scientists as of late. The latest is Azuma Makoto, who has unveiled a new project known as Exobiotanica, a series of images showcasing various plants in outer space.

Exobiotanica was achieved by way of a complicated rig of cameras and helium-filled balloons designed to carry the cameras and the plants more than 90,000 feet above the ground before falling back to Earth. The resulting images are breathtaking, and show the plants in question at multiple stages of their ascent into space.

You can take a look at Exobiotanica in the gallery up at the top of the page. And for more from Azuma Makoto, his official website can be found here. And please: Always remember to consult your local horticulturalist before launching your own plant life into outer space.

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