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Artist Paints Optimus Prime In Time-Lapse Video

by Joseph
optimus prime time lapse

optimus prime time lapse

Robert Xavier Burden is an artist with a very particular specialty: nerdy pop-culture icons of the 1980s (give or take a decade or two). One of his more recent works is a painting of TransformersOptimus Prime, called The Autobot.  And it also happens to be the subject of a time-lapse video released by the artist.

The video shows Burden’s 1000-hour process of painting The Autobot, from blank canvas to completed work in less than two and a half minutes. It’s not quite The Mystery of Picasso, but it’ll do.

In addition to watching the video below, you can also head to The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco (their website is here), where The Autobot and many of Burden’s other paintings are being exhibited and put up for sale.  Or you can go to the Kickstarter for Burden’s next project here.

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