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Artist Imagines ‘Pizza Bed’ Concept

by Joseph
Pizza Bed

Pizza Bed

Sure, you love pizza, but do you love pizza so much that you want to sleep with it? If so, you’ll probably be excited to learn about the concept from artist Claire Manganiello that she calls Pizza Bed. As you can see above, Pizza Bed is a bed spread that looks so realistically like the gooey surface of a pepperoni pizza that you’d probably be tempted to either take a bite or wait for it to cool off.

Unfortunately, Pizza Bed only exists as the above picture for now, but if this thing gets enough action online some enterprising industrialist might get Manganiello to sign on the dotted line and start mass-producing these things. Then, every lady who enters your bedroom will know that your first love was always pizza.

If you want to see more work from the mind that conceived of Pizza Bed, you can take a look at Claire Manganiello’s website here.

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