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Artist Imagines Nikes for Robots (Pics)

by Joseph
Nike Robotics
Nike RoboticsNike Robotics

One aspect of the future that I’m pretty sure Isaac Asimov never touched on is what kind of sneakers robots will wear. But luckily, artist Simeon Georgiev stepped in to fill this gap in the future history of robotics.

For the project, Simeon Georgiev modified two Nike sneakers for robotic use: the Air Max 1 and the Roshe Run. That means harder-edged, more metallic designs, but with color blocking (albeit in blacks and greys) that should please most human eyes, too. After all, it’s not any fun if the only people who appreciate your sneakers are other robots.

This vision of Nike’s robotic future also includes a futuristic lace-up system, so you don’t have to worry about robots tripping all over themselves as they take over the Earth. To take a look at Simeon Geo1giev’s robotic Nike Air Max 1 and Roshe Run, just head to the gallery up top. And for more of his work, you can check out his website here.

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