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Artbrew: “Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery”

by Joseph


There seems to be quite a thriving market for home kitchen counter top devices that reduce formerly complicated processes to simple pushes of various buttons – first Juicero for juice, and now Artbrew for home brewery.

Artbrew has a built-in LCD interface that lets users choose from various styles of beer (you can also use the companion app for this), then add all the ingredients that beer needs to brew. You push a button, then the machine handles everything else before dispensing your ready-to-drink home brew from its own tap. And it gets even easier if you don’t feel like gathering your own ingredients, as you can just purchase and insert a special “Artpack” (think K-Cup but for beer), and wait for your technically home brewed beer to arrive.

Pre-orders on the Artbrew home brewery system start at $290 at Kickstarter here, where the device has already more than doubled its fundraising goal with almost a month left to go. The message is clear: People are sick of having to put so much work into their home brews.

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