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Art Thief Demonstrates How Not To Steal Art (Video)

by Joseph
Dumb Art Thief

Dumb Art Thief

Of all the crimes in the world, art thievery is probably the coolest. It happens in classy, elegant settings, and the people an art thief is stealing from won’t go hungry after the crime is finished. But that doesn’t mean all art thieves are cool, like the guy who strolled into a UK art gallery, grabbed a painting off the wall, and tried to stuff it into his sweatshirt like Bob Hope doing a shoplifting routine.

To make matters worse for the J.A. Raffles in training (the J.A. stands for “jackass”), the painting he snatched off the wall was a print, and only worth a little over a grand. That might sound like a lot, but in the art thief business, that’s barely worth the trouble, let alone the humiliation that comes from being captured on video.

The guy didn’t make it home with his ill-gotten artwork, but he did escape, and the clock is currently ticking for his identification and arrest. You can read more about the crime here, and see some hilarious surveillance video of the art thief in action below.

Do not attempt:

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