Home Tech & Gear ‘Art of Time’: Seiko’s Rube Goldberg Contraption (Video)

‘Art of Time’: Seiko’s Rube Goldberg Contraption (Video)

by Joseph
Art of Time

Art of Time

The art of watchmaking carries an inherent limitation; the artist’s creation must be contained inside a watch. A new ad from watch brand Seiko turns that art loose on a (relatively) huge contraption in the vein of Rube Goldberg or Mouse Trap, made from watch components and used to make a new ad for the brand, called Art of Time.

Art of Time was produced for Seiko’s Japanese market, but its language of mechanical fun speaks to anyone with a heart and brain. The machine was made with more than a thousand watch parts, and it all leads to a final component being put into an actual watch. The device can’t tell time, though.

You can watch Art of Time below. And since they worked so hard on their machine, the least you can do is head over to Seiko’s official site right here and take a look at their wares.

Here’s the video:


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