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‘Art of Atari’ Showcases Atari Artwork in One Place

by Joseph
Art of Atari

Art of Atari

Atari video games have reached a cultural ascendancy that’s hard to top at this point, thanks to the sturdiness of the games and perennial nostalgia for video arcades. But what about all the great artwork that used to adorn arcade cabinets, cartridges, and other marketing materials for the games? It’s that sometimes-forgotten art that is the subject of the upcoming book Art of Atari.

If you’ve ever spent any time in a classic video arcade, you know that the artwork made to sell the game to potential players was always more dynamic and visually exciting than the primitive games themselves, so a book like Art of Atari is more than overdue.

And it will have to remain overdue for a while longer, since Art of Atari isn’t set to come out until the last week of October. But you can pre-order a copy at Amazon right here, priced at around $30. I did!

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