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Arrow Smart-Kart From Actev Motors

by Joseph
Arrow Smart-Kart

Arrow Smart-Kart

Kids in 2016 can’t be expected to just ride around in a go-kart without important push notifications and GPS navigation, which is why the people at Actev Motors have wisely developed the Arrow Smart-Kart, for today’s plugged-in children.

The Actev Arrow Smart-Kart boasts built-in WiFi and GPS tracking, and the included app allows parents to build an invisible “geo-fence” around which their kids cannot pass (at least not with the kart), as well as impose limits on speed. Under the hood, it’s got a pair of impressive 250-watt motors that drive the car up to 12 miles per hour — not too fast to us adults, but imagine how exciting that would be for a kid between five and nine years old.

Pre-orders on the Arrow Smart-Kart are starting at $499 at the official Actev Motors site right here, where you can also find a lot more information on the capabilities of this small, smart vehicle.

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