Home Entertainment ‘Arrested Development: Star Wars’ Narrated by Ron Howard (Video)

‘Arrested Development: Star Wars’ Narrated by Ron Howard (Video)

by Joseph
Arrested Development: Star Wars

Arrested Development: Star Wars

This year, Cinco de Cuatro and May the Fourth happen to fall on the same day, and we’re also looking at a new Star Wars movie directed by Ron Howard. The confluence of these three events means that it would be a real tragedy if someone didn’t orchestrate a good Star Wars x Arrested Development mashup, and the people at the official Star Wars YouTube channel came through in the clutch with Arrested Development: Star Wars.

Arrested Development: Star Wars is, and this is probably the most important part of the whole thing, narrated by Ron Howard, who is now the strongest link between these two surprisingly similar narrative universes. How similar? Well, I mean, take a look, and keep in mind this is just the first movie:

For more from where Arrested Development: Star Wars and its glorious, completely on-point narration came from, head over to the Star Wars YouTube channel right here.

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