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Ario Smart Lamp Provides More Natural, Healthy Lighting

by Joseph


The phrase “healthy lighting” doesn’t really make intuitive sense, at least not at first – what could be healthy (or unhealthy) about lighting? But actually, there are many out there who suggest that when we stopped living outside and in sync with the sun, our bodies lost the benefits of such a natural rhythm, but Ario is a new smart lamp that is trying to take them back.

Ario is designed to mimic the natural, ever-changing light of the sun by automatic adjustments to both brightness and color throughout the day. It syncs up with your WiFi in order to better integrate those adjustments with season, time of day, and even what the weather is like in your area, and the end result is a healthier, more productive lighting scheme.

If you’re still not convinced, you can get more information on the benefits of Ario at the product’s Kickstarter page right here, where you can also pre-order yours starting at $250.

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