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Arduboy Portable 8-Bit Game System

by Joseph


It has probably been thought by many that the golden era of the portable gaming device died when smartphones came around, since the casual gamer no longer has any use for a device that fits in their pocket and just plays games. And that might be true, but that doesn’t mean that the Arduboy by Kevin Bates isn’t a damn cool piece of hardware.

One improvement the Arduboy offers over both the smartphone and its portable gaming ancestors (like the Game Boy) is its incredibly small size. It’s essentially the size of a credit card, but with the ability to play 8-bit games with real buttons on a bright OLED screen. Its battery can power it for more than 8 hours per charge, and it’s compatible with an entire library of Arduboy Arcade games – you can even learn to make your own.

The Arduboy is apparently a pretty appealing product, since it’s more than tripled its $25,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter here with about a month to go. That means you’ve got a few weeks left to pre-order yours at a discounted rate, starting at $39 and up.

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