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Arctican Koozie Keeps Beverages Cold for 3 Hours

by Joseph


Beer and soda koozies are great from a purely tactile standpoint, and I know we all enjoy using them from time to time, particularly in the summer. But how well do they actually¬†work? The answer to that would require some intensive scientific research that I’m not equipped for, but I do know the average koozie can’t do what the Arctican does.

That’s because Arctican has a cooling core that you activate in your own freezer, and which can keep whatever beverage you put inside cold and frosty for up to three sweaty hours. According to Corckcicle, the company that makes the Arctican, that’s three times as long as the average koozie, and the drink stays three times as cold.

At $20 a pop, each stainless steel Arctican is naturally going to cost more than a traditional koozie which you probably got for free at some promotional event anyway. But you can check it out over at Amazon here, and your old koozies might become a thing of the past – unless you keep them around for sentimental reasons, of course.

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