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Arckit Architectural Modeling System (Video)

by Joseph


I know a lot of perfectly respectable adults are really into LEGO, so I don’t want to condescend those people and describe the Arckit architectural model building system as “LEGO for adults.” But I can’t help it – that’s exactly what I think of when I see it in action, since it’s essentially LEGO but more realistic and yes, architectural.

Basically, Arckit is designed with more serious intentions in mind than LEGO, and gives users the ability to make their architectural ideas a reality in an inexpensive and visually appealing model format. For people interested in architecture, this could be fun, but it could also have real professional applications within the field.

You can get an idea of the possibilities of Arckit in the animation underneath these words. And for more information, or to purchase a kit starting at $70, head over to the product’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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