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Archburger Being Tested by Select McDonald’s Locations

by Joseph


Long time fast food fans look back fondly on a sandwich known as the Arch Deluxe, an early attempt by McDonald’s to offer an upscale cheeseburger complete with fresh beef, a fancy potato flour bun and “Arch Sauce,” a mayo and mustard blend. Like all good things, the burger was destined to fail, but now Mickey D’s is trying again with the Archburger. 

The big difference between the Arch Deluxe and the Archburger is price. Back in the mid 90s, an Arch Deluxe was relatively pricey at $2.49. Now, the sandwich will start at $2.19, which with inflation is much cheaper – and the Archburger will cost less than a regular old Big Mac. Select McDonald’s locations in Oklahoma and Texas are testing the burger out, and hopefully it will catch on to the point of national availability and beyond.

In the meantime, read up on the Archburger right here, and if you happen to live in OK or TX it might be worth exploring further.

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