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Arcaboard: Another Stab at Hoverboard Technology

by Joseph


Despite impressive advances in technology, we are not living in a golden age for the fabled hoverboard – mostly due to a bunch of imitators using the name for products that don’t even really hover. Then, there’s the Arcaboard, which uses surprisingly simple mechanics to defy gravity’s powerful pull.

The Arcaboard doesn’t use “mag-lev” or conductive tech to hover, but instead uses 36 extremely powerful electronic fans. Together these fans can purportedly deliver an upward thrust that can lift riders as heavy as 240 pounds off the ground, and it has a stabilizer for smooth riding. Smartphone control is available, but the real test of Arcaboard expertise is with manual riding and control with the rider’s own body.

You’d be a fool to believe that a product like the Arcaboard comes cheap, and indeed it has a very hefty price tag of nearly 20 grand at the official Arca site right here, where a lot more info on the board and how it works can be found.

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