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‘Aquaman’ First Official Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


Aquaman is sometimes seen as the George Costanza or Mel Cooley of the Justice League, the one everybody else in the group makes fun of. Other versions of the character teem with defensiveness over his risible roots, attempting to make him really cool and/or tough as compensation for the fact that he’s a guy who talks to fish. Now, we have the first official trailer for the superhero’s big screen solo debut, and it’s clear that it’s definitely in the latter category.

Aquaman is all about Arthur Curry, the half-human half-Atlantean who learns to stop worrying and embrace his role as kind of the undersea realm. But, this being a superhero story, there are some psychotic baddies in his way trying to take over the world, like Ocean Master and Black Manta. Ain’t that always the way??

Take a look at the trailer for Aquaman, which by some accounts was the highlight of the weekend’s Comic-Con festivities, below. And for more on the film in advance of its release in December, take a look at its official site right here.

Here’s the trailer:

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