Home Tech & Gear First Apple Watch Commercial Drops (Video)

First Apple Watch Commercial Drops (Video)

by Joseph
First Apple Watch Commercial

First Apple Watch Commercial

Almost as exciting as any given new Apple product is the advertising for said product, and we now have our first characteristically bouncy commercial for the new Apple Watch. The first Apple Watch commercial recently hit the internet, and gives a closer look at the watch and what it can do.

The first Apple Watch commercial focuses on the personalized natureĀ of the watch, with any number of options for customization both in terms of the visual appearance of your watch and its functionality. And it lays all this out in what has become the signature Apple commercial style.

If you have a minute to spare (hard to know when you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, I realize, but hopefully you can make a decision anyway), you can watch the first Apple Watch commercial for yourself below. And for more, head to the official Apple Watch site right here.

Here’s the video:


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