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Apple Unveils iOS 6, Google Maps Killer

by AnthonyP

Apple iOS 6

Apple’s WWDC event last night was a rather eventful one, with the unveiling of a new line of MacBook Pros, a new MacBook Air, and improvements to the computer’s operating system, the OSX.

In addition to all of this, Apple unveiled the iOS 6 for the iPad and iPhone. This latest generation operating system is complete with a massive feature set, bringing upgrades to Siri, as well as iCloud syncing to the Mac’s new OSX Mountain Lion. As a result of the upgrades, Siri now has the ability to look up restaurants, sift through sports details, and much more.

In addition to Siri’s upgrades, iOS 6 sees the addition of Passbook, a digital wallet that carries all of your cards, memberships, movie tickets, and even plane tickets. United was the first airline to implement its boarding passes into the program, and other airlines are soon to follow.

Finally, iOS 6 unveils a Google Maps killer app that features turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone as well as live traffic reports. It even has Siri integration, so you’ll never get lost on the road.

iOS 6 is set to drop next month for free for iPhone and iPad owners.  Free?  You can’t complain about that price!

Source: Apple

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