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Apple Ring Patent Application Filed by Apple

by Joseph
Apple Ring

Apple Ring

The Apple Watch hasn’t quite been the phenomenon that Apple was hoping for, but the company is evidently still interested in charging forward into the frontier of wearable tech, based on a patent application filing reported on by The Verge. It’s for something referred to for now as the Apple Ring, a smart touchscreen ring that would work like the Apple Watch in conjunction with an iPhone or other Apple mobile device.

There’s not much info out there on what may or may not become the Apple Ring, but the product being patented by Apple is a small ring designed to go on the user’s index finger and operated by his or her thumb.

We just have to wait for more developments on the Apple Ring for now, but you can read more about Apple’s patent application filing and some good old-fashioned speculation over at The Verge‘s article on the smart ring right here.

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