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Apple Pencil: Apple Unveils Stylus for New iPad Pro

by Joseph
Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

Steve Jobs famously said that no one would rather write with a stylus than their own finger, but attitudes must have changed at Apple, with the recent Apple Keynote unveiling of the Apple Pencil, a stylus for the also-recently-unveiled iPad Pro.

It sort of makes sense for Apple to finally get on board the stylus bandwagon for their iPad Pro – after all, drawing with your finger isn’t a very professional or precise way to do things, and the iPad Pro is designed for things like graphic design, editing photos, and producing other professional-quality work that requires a little more precision than tapping out a text message. To that end, the Apple Pencil will be more than a simple piece of plastic, with built-in sensors for force, position, and tilt. Of course, this also means you have to keep it charged, which you can do with a lightning connector directly to the iPad Pro.

Apple hasn’t said whether or not the Apple Pencil will be compatible with other, preexisting iPads, but they did say that it will cost just under $100 when it comes out in November. You can get more info over at the official Apple site right here.

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