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Apple Becomes Most Valuable Company Ever…Or Did They?

by Joseph


Computer giant Apple has already done more than most companies could ever dream of doing. But now their position at the top of the business heap has been solidified in one more way, as they’ve become the most valuable company of all time.

It’s all according to the value of Apple‘s stock, which at $623 billion, has surpassed Microsoft’s previous mark, and made the company worth more than even IBM, Wal-Mart, and Exxon.  However, this “record” isn’t really a record, as the Columbia Journal Review points out, because of the fact that they do not take inflation into consideration.  You see, when you take into account the fact that it takes $1.38 today to equal one dollar in 1999, Microsoft’s 1999 value of $620.6 billion works out to about $856-billion today.

So what does this all mean, you ask?  Well, according to purely nominal values, Apple became the most valuable company ever yesterday, but when you consider inflation, they still find themselves approximately $233-billion behind Microsoft’s 1999 record-high.  But who knows?  If things continue to head in the right direction for Apple, it may not be long before they reach that mark as well.


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