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Apple MacBook: New Model is Thinner, Lighter Than Ever (Photos)

by Joseph
Apple MacBook

As you’re probably already aware if you’ve logged onto Twitter or Facebook, there was another big Apple press event today, launching several new Apple products and initiatives. One of the coolest is the new Apple MacBook, which took an already lightweight computer and made it even more compact and portable, with a few other improvements to boot.

The new Apple MacBook, outfitted with a butterfly keyboard mechanism with more stable and thinner keys, is 24% thinner than the MacBook Air, but it’s new features like the Force Touch trackpad and the Taptic Engine that are getting the most attention. The former is a trackpad with unparalleled sensitivity, which can tell the difference between taps and hard presses, while the latter is a way for users to experience “tactile feedback” and actually feel what’s onscreen.

You can see (but not touch) a few photos of the new Apple MacBook in the gallery below. And for a lot more information, head over to the product’s official site from Apple here.

Here’s the gallery:

Apple MacBookApple MacBookApple MacBook

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