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Mac Pro From Apple: Trailer Drops (Video)

by Joseph
apple mac pro

apple mac pro

It looks like Apple‘s cultural dominance of the technology world is planned to extend into the future with the recently unveiled Mac Pro. Now, as another taste of things to come, Apple has produced a new commercial for the redesigned Mac Pro which might just build the pre-release hype to a fever pitch.

The intensely cinematic commercial focuses on the sleek curves and shiny surface of the Mac Pro, almost like a particularly slick car commercial. And it tantalizes viewers with a simple statement of the Mac Pro’s release period: “Fall 2013.” Driving home the cinematic vibe is the fact that this ad is being shown in movie theaters across the country.

You can check out the Mac Pro commercial (or trailer, if you prefer) for yourself below. And watch for it to hit shelves very soon.

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