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Apple iWatch Getting Summer Release?

by Joseph
Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

The latest rumor regarding the Apple iWatch has hit the internet. It’s basically saying Apple is gearing up to release the iWatch as early as this summer, after the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which happens in June.

It’s only a rumor, with no official announcements from Apple as of yet, but according to a report highlighted here, the release could happen immediately after the conference, and will consist of 65 million units at the launch. The rumors also state that the iWatch will have specially designed Apple A-series chips, designed by Samsung, as well as biometric technology heavily integrated into the watches.

Apple could decide to wait until after the summer to release the iWatch, but it does look like we’ll be getting some specific information on the iWatch launch in the near future. So if you’re interested in what could be the next wave of mobile tech, keep your eyes and ears open.

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