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Apple Introduces “iOS in the Car”

by Joseph
iOS in the Car

iOS in the Car

We mentioned the ” iOS in the Car” feature of the new iOS 7 in the article about the announcement yesterday, but it turns out that the feature is a little more impressive than it seemed at first.

Far from just a way to use your iPhone without using your hands, iOS in the Car allows your Apple device to become fully integrated with your car’s multimedia system, including transferring info from your device onto your car’s display. It requires participation from automakers, but a large group of automotive brands have announced their intention to make their 2014 cars iOS in the Car compatible.

It comes with a lot of other impressive features, like a new display designed exclusively for use while driving, and an automatic calculation of your ETA when Siri knows you’re leaving your house for work.

You can see more about iOS in the Car here—just don’t read it while you’re driving.

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