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Apple iDesk Concept by Adam Benton is Mindblowingly Awesome

by AnthonyP

Apple iDesk Concept

Whether or not you’re a fan of Apple’s products, the iDesk concept by hardware and space designer Adam Benton will blow your mind.

Designed to operate like a very large, desk-sized iPad, the Apple iDesk concept by Adam Benton is designed—theoretically—to allow users to run multiple apps simultaneously while having the capability to synchronize every iOS device simply by placing it onto the iDesk. The idea isn’t too different from Apple’s own iCloud syncing service, recently unveiled at Apple’s WWDC conference—but with the addition of physicality.

Apple iDesk Concept

In addition to the syncing and large workspace, the Apple iDesk concept would also make use of a virtual mouse and keyboard by turning a portion of the desk into a trackpad and set of keys for use with an iMac.

Such a system would undoubtedly be equipped with Gorilla Glass and cost a bundle, but if it is mass produced, it may well be affordable for the average consumer. Well, maybe some day.

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