Home Tech & Gear AnZa: A Home Espresso Machine Made Out of Concrete

AnZa: A Home Espresso Machine Made Out of Concrete

by Joseph


You wander through a party populated mostly by people much older and more advanced in their personal lives and careers than you are. One of them takes you aside and whispers one apparently meaningful word in your ear: “Concrete.” It turns out he was talking about AnZa, a new home espresso machine made from some unusual materials.

One of those materials, and definitely the most unusual for a device you’ll likely keep on your kitchen counter, is concrete, but AnZA is also crafted from wood and brass, among other things you might not expect to see in an espresso machine.

AnZa is said to be “born out of passion for good coffee and boredom with the default home espresso machine vernacular,” and no price tag has as of yet been announced. But you can sign up for updates on the machine’s upcoming crowdfunding campaign right here, and stay tuned for further details. For now, just remember: Concrete.

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