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‘Ant-Man’: First TV Spot Drops (Video)

by Joseph


We have about a month and a half until the latest Marvel adventure hits theaters, and unless you’re new to the game you know what that means—the TV promotional blitz is about to kick into the next level. The first sign of that transition is now online.  It’s the first official TV spot for the upcoming movie Ant-Man.

The TV commercials for Ant-Man have the dual job of both hyping fans for the movie and introducing passersby to what Ant-Man is all about – his powers (he can shrink to the size of an ant while retaining his own human-sized strength, communicate with other ants, and crack wise in vintage Paul Rudd fashion), his personality (Paul Rudd again), and basically what his whole deal is (he gets enlisted by Michael Douglas to fight a bald bad guy who can also shrink down to size). And the first spot does a pretty good job on both counts over the course of its 60 seconds of screen time.

You can see if you agree by checking out TV spot #1 for Ant-Man below. The movie hits theaters on July 17th, but until then you can tide yourself over at the movie’s official site right here.

Here’s the commercial:

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