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Anker PowerHouse Compact Portable Generator

by Joseph
Anker PowerHouse

Anker PowerHouse

There’s a new portable generator on the market that packs an incredible amount of energy into an unbelievably small package. It’s the Anker PowerHouse, a compact portable generator that can generate 400Wh worth of emergency power in a package just 7.9 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches in size.

The Anker PowerHouse weighs a generous nine pounds, but it’s a good friend to have should the grid go out for an extended period of time. It produces enough energy to fully charge a laptop 15 times without a reup and it’s completely solar powered so you don’t need gas to keep it chugging. It also boasts “Triple Output Modes” for compatibility for almost everything you’ve got that will still need power after the worst happens.

Hopefully it won’t, but if you’ve got at least $500 to spend on a worst-case scenario preparedness, there are a lot worse things you could spend it on than an Anker PowerHouse. You can get more information on the generator and everything it can do at the product’s Amazon listing right here.

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