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‘Animaniacs’ Reboot is Coming to Hulu

by Joseph


At this point it probably goes without saying that Animaniacs, the quintessential 90s cartoon, is coming back. But since you’re here, we might as well get into some specifics: It’s coming to Hulu (NOT Netflix, like you probably would have guessed), Steven Spielberg will serve as executive producer just like he did on the original series, and possibly most importantly of all the reboot is bringing with it a host of its associated original WB animated programming to Hulu.

That means that not just the original Animaniacs, but also Pinky and the BrainPinky, Elmyra and the Brain and Tiny Toon Adventures will be available on Hulu  before the new Warner Siblings make their way to screens in … 2020!? Wow, I guess it takes longer than you might think to cram all those topical references into a cartoon.

Until then, you can check out the original Animaniacs series on Hulu right here.

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