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Anicorn Series 000 Watches (Photos)

by Joseph
Anicorn Series 000 Watches

If you’re sick of telling time in the usual way, the people at Anicorn have come up with a novel solution to “minute and second hand fatigue.” It’s the Anicorn Series 000, a collection of watches that use a completely different graphical model to give you the same hours, minutes, and seconds that a traditional watch does.

To be totally honest with you, I don’t really understand how it works myself, but that just makes me want to get one of these Anicorn Series 000 watches even more. And if I were to do that, I’d have my choice of three different colorways: Blue, yellow, and red, all paired with liberal amounts of black as well as genuine leather straps.

If you feel similarly to the way I do, you can get some more information on the Anicorn Series 000 watches at the official Anicorn site here, where they’re priced at $325 a pop. But if you still want to tell time the old, boring way, that’s fine too. No judgment.

Here’s a gallery, where you can see all three of the Series 000 colorways:

Anicorn Series 000 WatchesAnicorn Series 000 WatchesAnicorn Series 000 Watches

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