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‘Angry Birds’ Soda Outsells Coke And Pepsi In Finland

by Joseph

Angry Birds Soda

As far as smartphone games go, Angry Birds has been able to reach a level of cultural saturation that many would have never imagined possible. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that in the game’s native country, Finland, an Angry Birds-branded soda outsold both Coca-Cola and Pepsi…for a while, anyway.

Regardless of any marketing vagaries that may have affected whether or not the soda “technically” outsold Coke or Pepsi, the fact that it even came close is certainly impressive. So what does Angry Birds soda taste like? According to those who have tried it, it’s a “fruity” beverage that differs from the famous colas made by Coca-Cola and Pepsi. And with such strong sales in Finland, it may only be a matter of time before the soda makes its way to America.

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