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Angriest Whopper: Burger King Unveils Red-Bunned Monster

by Joseph
Angriest Whopper

Angriest Whopper

Burger King‘s ongoing “Angry” line of sandwiches reaches what is hopefully its ultimate step before someone gets seriously injured. It’s called the Angriest Whopper, a cheeseburger that’s so angry that its buns are red (perhaps you know the feeling).

The Angriest Whopper’s bun doesn’t get its red color just from food dye like some other burgers in the completely inexplicable colored-bun trend do. Instead, the bun is infused with “baked in” hot sauce that makes even the bun, formerly one of the few parts of an Angry Whopper that wouldn’t hurt your tongue, as angry as the rest of it.

Burger King announced the Angriest Whopper on Facebook here, where you can get a few details on the burger and see its debut commercial. And if you happen to be brave enough to put something this angry inside your body, consult your local Burger King, where the burger should be available soon if it isn’t already.


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