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Angel’s Cup: An App for Coffee Obsessives

by Joseph
Angel's Cup

Angel's Cup

There seem to be two types of coffee drinkers out there – the kind that is satisfied with their own brand and won’t feel right until they’ve had a cup of that specific stuff, and the more adventurous type who’s always on the prowl for new coffee flavors and sensations. Angel’s Cup is an app for the latter kind.

Angel’s Cup basically acts as an advanced coffee journal, in which users can record thoughts and flavor notes on new blends, even using a “flavor wheel” for visualizing the way a specific coffee tastes. There’s also a companion subscription service for having new coffees sent to you on a regular basis.

Unlike a good cup of coffee, Angel’s Cup is free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play, and you can get more information on both the app and the coffee subscription service at the Angel’s Cup official site right here.

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