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Angel: A Health Tracker With Lots of Possibilities

by Joseph


As medical technology gets more and more advanced, the feasibility of a small, all-purpose “health tracker” grows as well. But those kinds of physical tracking devices have mostly been limited to products like the Nike+ FuelBand, with a focus on tracking exercise.

Now, there’s a more versatile product that can potentially help you exercise and save you from a heart attack. It’s called Angel, and it’s billed as “the first open sensor for health and fitness.” “Open” in this context means that anybody can develop apps for the Angel, which means that the wristband’s data streams can be used in an almost limitless number of ways.

To explain it better than I ever could, we have Angel’s creator, Eugene Jorov, in the video below. And to check out the Angel on IndieGoGo, where it has already raised more than double its original fundraising goal, just click here.

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