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Andy Kryza Goes on Five-Day “Pizza Cleanse”

by Joseph
Pizza Cleanse

Pizza Cleanse

There’s fruit cleanses, juice cleanses, and vegetable cleanses, but what are you supposed to cleanse on if you hate eating healthy? Thrillist‘s Andy Kryza recently offered readers one possible alternative, called the “Pizza Cleanse.”

Over the course of five days (each with its own pizza-specific theme), Kryza started the day with an “organic greens beverage,” followed by three meals of various kinds of pizza per day. ┬áNot to be a hater or anything, but why even drink the organic green thing? Seems like a bit of a cop-out to me.

Anyway, Kryza chronicled his five-day “Pizza Cleanse” in sometimes disturbing detail here. I doubt it will take the dieting world by storm, but it is somewhat reassuring to know that it didn’t kill him.

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