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‘Anatomy in Black’ Anatomical Coffee Table Book by Emily Evans

by Joseph
Anatomy in Black

Anatomy in Black

No coffee table is complete without at least one book about human anatomy, and for the stylishly-oriented the best bet is probably Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans (especially now that Playboy isn’t doing nude photo spreads anymore).

For one, Anatomy in Black sounds like it could very well be the title of a horror movie, and in fact one day it might become one. But more importantly than that, the book is loaded with nearly 200 pages of double-page spread anatomical illustrations, with detailed text summaries and an aesthetically novel color scheme of black and gold.

If you know any fine art appreciators or amateur surgeons who might like a good anatomy book to put on their coffee table, consider a copy of Anatomy in Black this holiday season. You can get one for $35 at the Street Anatomy online store right here – and if they’re still sold out when you get there, you can join a mailing list to be notified when more copies become available.

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