Home Entertainment ‘Analogue Loaders’: Stop-Motion Short Makes Loading Screens Fun (Video)

‘Analogue Loaders’: Stop-Motion Short Makes Loading Screens Fun (Video)

by Joseph
Analogue Loaders

Analogue Loaders

One of the most tedious activities of the modern era is staring at load screens.  What used to be the exclusive province of video games has now become a big part of everyday life, as we wait for stuff like Gmail, Spotify, and our computers’ operating systems to hurry up and do what they’re supposed to. Stop-motion animator Raphael Vangelis has made some lemonade out of these annoying lemons, though, and it’s called Analogue Loaders.

Analogue Loaders is a stop-motion animated short that lasts about two minutes, but which Vangelis says took him about 18 months to complete, even with the use of a 3D printer. The end result is somewhat reminiscent of the work of fellow stop-motioneer PES, but with its own special flavor (and one that might make you look at that Gmail loader a little more tolerantly next time).

You can check out Analogue Loaders for yourself below.

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