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Amillarah: Customized Floating Private Islands

by Joseph


Global warming threatens the very existence of life on planet Earth, but there’s another potential problem associated with a warmer planet that the mainstream media refuses to tell you about: Private islands, purchased with hard-earned money, may soon be underwater. Luckily, there’s a company that’s addressed this issue by selling customizable floating islands to the public: Amillarah.

Amillarah private islands are sold with the tagline “any shape, any place,” but the core design of each floating private island is the product of Dutch designer Koen Olthuis, described on the company’s website as “a creative genius.” And if you’re a fish, no need to worry about the coming artificial island deluge, since each one is designed with an underwater habitat for sea life built in (AC extra).

For more information on Amillarah floating private islands, just head over to the company’s official site here and start designing your own oceanic self-sustaining sovereign state.


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