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90,000 Square Foot Home Third-Largest In America

by Joseph

Biggest House in America

Billionaire David Siegel was just planning on building a 60,000 square foot mansion for himself, his wife, his eight children, and five dogs. But somehow, the house that’s being billed as “American Versailles” ballooned to 90,000 square feet.  As a result, when it’s completed, it will officially become the third-largest privately owned house in the country.

The Florida home will have nine kitchens, 30 bathrooms, two movie theaters, a bowling alley, an observation deck, a sushi bar, a 4000 square foot closet, two tennis courts, a full size baseball field (good idea, seeing as how he can nearly field a team will all of his children), and a health spa.

Just to give you an idea of the expense involved, the house has got a door and window budget of $4 million!  I wouldn’t know what it’s like to walk through million-dollar doors, or look out million-dollar windows, but I imagine it would be quite the experience.

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