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American Apparel Ad Banned In The UK

by Joseph

Banned American Apparel Ad

The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority has struck a huge blow against the use of sexual images in advertising, as an American Apparel ad for the clothing label’s line of knitwear was determined to be gratuitous and demeaning to women for its “voyeuristic quality.”

As you can see in the picture above, the ad is actually pretty tame by the standards of modern advertising. And maybe this is just a matter of opinion, but the model in question doesn’t look particularly vulnerable to me. And there certainly doesn’t appear to be anything offensive about the image. But that won’t change the ASA’s stance, as they have also applied the ban to additional images on the brand’s website.

Anyway, I’m sure American Apparel UK is really, really upset about the ban and all of the ensuing publicity that it will cause (such as this article!). If you feel like rebelling against the Advertising Standards Authority, you can check out American Apparel’s website here.

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