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AMC Sister Channels Will Go Dark During ‘Mad Men’ Finale

by Joseph
Mad Men

Mad Men

Remember when the Seinfeld finale happened, and as a tribute TV Land put that “we’ll be back after the last episode of Seinfeld” bumper up in lieu of their regular programming? It looks like that gimmick is making a big comeback for this Sunday’s series finale of Mad Men, courtesy of several AMC sister channels.

Those channels – BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, and We TV – are scheduled to go dark on Sunday night as a tribute to Mad Men’s final episode. In a more traditional move, AMC itself will air an elaborate marathon of the series in advance of Sunday’s finale – here’s AMC’s president, Charlie Collier, on that aspect of the event:

“Turning AMC over to Mad Men and airing every episode of every season as a lead-in to the finale on Sunday seems a fitting way to continue celebrating what this series has meant to the fans, to television and to our network. We are also enormously appreciative of our sister networks who are paying tribute to this remarkable program that has had such an impact on our entire company.”

You can read more about AMC’s Mad Men finale plans at Variety here – and tune into the show’s series finale this Sunday at 10 PM ET.


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