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Amber Boobs Lamp From Nobl

by Joseph
Amber Boobs Lamp

Amber Boobs Lamp

It’s the holiday season, so one is helpless not to think about the legendary “leg lamp” from Bob Clark’s A Christmas Story when one sees the Amber Boobs Lamp by Nobl, an even more explicit example of electrified sex, possibly gleaming in a window near you very soon.

The Amber Boobs Lamp is, to put it simply, a lamp that looks like boobs. To put it in greater detail, it’s an acrylic pink table lamp that rests on a white plywood base that also accommodates other less pornographic lamps from Nobl. As for the Amber Boobs themselves, I’m not sure there’s anything I can say that would be more informative or insightful than the image above, which gives you a pretty good idea of what you’d be getting into with this lamp in your house.

If you’re still interested, the Amber Boobs Lamp is priced at $68 at the Nobl online store right here.

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