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Amazon Unveils Fire TV

by Joseph
Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

A couple days ago, Amazon surprised a lot of people with the announcement of their new Fire TV service—a way to stream movies, TV shows, and (here’s the really exciting part) games to your TV.

Amazon’s Fire TV costs $99 and works with not just your Amazon account, but other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu (no HBOGO as of yet, unfortunately). And speaking of those games, for an extra $40 you can pick up an Amazon Fire TV proprietary game controller.  So if you’re too broke or casual a video game fan to plunk down hundreds of dollars on a console and $60 a pop on games, this might be a more affordable way for you to bring some video games back into your life.

You can get some more information regarding Amazon Fire TV, and buy one for yourself, at Amazon’s page for the device here.

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