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Amazon Unveils the Fire Phone (Video)

by Joseph

Amazon Fire Phone

It wasn’t that long ago that Amazon introduced the Fire TV. ¬†And now they’re continuing the excursion into unexplored tech territories with the Amazon Fire Phone, a smartphone that’s packed with attention-grabbing features, many of which seem designed to keep users buying stuff from Amazon.

Those features include Firefly, which is a kind of Shazam app for the world, recognizing more than 100 million items on sight, and linking you to pertinent information (and to Amazon’s listing for the item should it be for sale, naturally). But the coolest part about the Amazon Fire Phone is probably the “dynamic perspective” feature, which uses the phone’s four front-facing cameras to track the user’s head and eyes and re-render certain visuals in real-time, for an awesome 3D-like effect.

You can get a look at dynamic perspective, Firefly, and more, from CNET’s coverage of the Amazon Fire Phone unveiling in the video below. And to pre-order a Fire Phone, starting at $199 with contract, just head over to Amazon here.


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